About Us

Vast Thinking Consults Ltd (formally BIZconsulting Services) is a leading Strategic Management Consultancy in Nigeria. Since 2016, Vast Thinking Consults has been at the forefront of helping organizations and business leaders to diagnose, analyze, formulate, and implement cutting-edge strategies to enable them stay ahead of competition. We bring uniquely tailored and integrated advice to our clients, based on distinctive in-depth analyses, evaluation of internal/external environments, and then provide holistic and innovative solutions to enable them create superior value

At Vast Thinking Consults, we work for boards and senior executives of corporate organizations, as well as entrepreneurial ventures, foreign investors, private equity investors, nonprofit organizations, and public institutions to help them examine their challenges and then identify opportunities for value creation. We apply rigorous evaluation to understand client’s problems, and then deploy creative problem-solving methodologies to develop mission-critical strategies to enable them to realize their overarching objectives

Vast Thinking Consults Ltd offers modular services that address any particular strategic issue: be it market research, environmental/industry scanning, value-chain analysis, holistic internal evaluation, market entry insights, or new product/service development, diversification, and so much more. Also, we offer end-to-end strategy studies leading to a complete strategic planning or setting strategic direction for organizations. Vast Thinking Consults also provide training/workshops services to both executives and their staff members to empower them to be strategy savvy, as well as participating as solutions co-creator to their challenges. Additionally, we partner with foreign companies who want to have presence on the continent, or want to enter into strategic partnership in order to take advantage of the massive opportunities that abound in the emerging markets in Africa

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