Strategy Consulting Services

At Vast Thinking Consults, we provide expert consulting to help clients to achieve their strategic objective function by working with them to develop a comprehensive strategic study that addresses the end-to-end corporate strategy planning, and setting strategic direction for organizations. Also, we offer strategy solutions that address a particular or set of strategic issues in modular form. Specifically, we offer the following modular solutions.

  • Assist clients in developing and deploying conceptual framework for organizational transformation, corporate turnaround, and corporate re-engineering for competitiveness
  • Help organizations in conducting strategy research; environmental scanning; industry analysis; competitive intelligence appraisal; and market insights/assessment
  • Conducting internal analyses and strategies based on organizational capabilities, competencies, resources, activities, processes, culture; and cross-impact alignment
  • Help international organizations to harness opportunities in Africa/Nigeria, particularly helping Foreign Direct Investors (FDI) to conduct market research; evaluate and appraise business opportunities; and to develop market entry strategies
  • Helping organizations to develop and harness growth opportunities—new market development; new product/service development; corporate venturing; restructuring; and reengineering
  • Helping clients to develop Mergers and Acquisition(M&A) strategies: identifying target; assessing strategic fit; and appraising value-creating potentials 
  • Helping organization to formulate stakeholder analysis and strategies; to develop sustainability strategies; and helping NGOs to design and implement their impact investing strategies
  • Assisting public institutions do conduct developmental strategic study that centers on youth development, entrepreneurship, poverty alleviation, and effective resource allocation
  • Designing and implementing innovation strategies; transformational business models; strategic organizational design; and articulating and embedding emerging technologies into strategic decision-making
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