Entrepreneurial Capacity Building and Training

At Vast Thinking Consults, our capacity building and entrepreneurial training services are aimed at engineering wealth creation and economic development. As a result, we help individual, organizations, government agencies, and non-governmental organizations with a tailored training program that is designed to help them to start a new business, grow an existing business, or pivot. The following are the focus of our services:

  • Provide training and capacity building program for startup
  • Equipping startups with the rudiments of entrepreneurship by empowering them to become self-sufficient, and self-reliant
  • Exposing entrepreneurs to soft skills such as self-management, structured goal setting, team building, business etiquette, and leadership skills
  • Teaching them business environment scanning skills, risk analysis, business opportunity identification harnessing
  • Teaching entrepreneurs the rudiments of creating a business plan, developing business model, and creating a marketing & financial strategy
  • Helping entrepreneurs on the process to launch their businesses, assist them in identifying target audience and creating a marketing plan to get their product or service to the right customers
  • Helping entrepreneurs to get their business off the ground by walking them through the process to opening their business, the legal requirements, business licenses, permits, etc. 
  • Teaching them human resources management by equipping them with hiring practices and procedures, employee remunerations, and development programs

…Providing Real Change

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