Strategy Workshop/Training Services

                   Strategy Workshop

At Vast Thinking Consults Ltd, we provide process consulting that centers on collaborative problem-solving and solution co-creation to address client’s pressing strategic challenges.  Essentially, our workshop services are customized to address the unique challenges our clients are confronted with. Therefore, we engage the team in a collaborative information sharing to generate holistic insights that would enable the organization to achieve its overarching strategic goals. To achieve that, we methodologically facilitate active engagement of team members in dialogue and align them to a solution that they can own

Specifically, we facilitate discussion leading to answers to the following:

  • Where to play, how to play, and what is needed to win?
  • identifying the necessary trade-offs needed to made to realize objectives
  • Best approach to creating alignment of the functional activities and elements of the organization in order to create a strategic-fit
  • Key activities needed to focused on that would differentiate them from competition 
  • How to hire-for-fit, and leveraging on the strength of their people for competitive advantage 
  • How to identify and leverage on their capabilities and core competencies for superior performance
  • The type of design and structure that will enable innovation and competitiveness 
  • Insights on understanding the market trends and where it’s headed
  • How to analyze stakeholders and the best approach to manage them for value-creation

             Strategy Training

At Vast Thinking Consults Ltd, we empower boards, executives, managers, strategic planning teams, staff, and other stakeholders to understand the nitty-gritty of strategy design and execution. We train clients on art and science of what strategy is or not, how it works, and how to approach it. We train them on the various aspects of the Strategic Management process—diagnosis and analysis tools, strategy formulation process, and deeper insights on strategy execution mechanism. Essentially, we customize our training program to meet the specific needs of our clients

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