Vast Thinking Consults Ltd is into partnership with a reputable India-based Intellectual Property and Corporate Law Solutions provider. A consulting firm with a team of passionate IP professionals with expertise in several domains including Robotics, IT, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Space Tech, Mechatronics, Biotechnology, Agriculture, Pharma, Chemistry, Electrical, Electronics, Semi-conductors, Mechanical Engineering, and Drone Technology. 


Patent Services

We have the capabilities to provide extensive support towards Patentability Searches, FTO, Infringement and EOU Charts, Invalidity Searches, Patent Landscapes, Technology Scouting, Due Diligence, Patent Licensing, Patent Drafting and Filing, Pre & Post grant oppositions, Third party observation, Office action, Proofreading, Patent Illustrations and Drawings

Essentially, our patent services are wide-ranging. We provide full spectrum of patent related services to our clients of all size. Be it drafting a patent specification for a complex technology to prosecuting the same in 100+ countries, to enforcing your rights in countries of your choice, we have it all covered. 

Also, if you have a large patent portfolio with patents across multiple jurisdictions, we help you make it either lean or monetizable; or let you know the strength of each patent

The portfolio analysis or patent portfolio mining allows us to identify high value patents and explore their licensing opportunities. Basically, we use a 5×5 matrix comprising of 25 parameters to evaluate a patent’s strength. 

Trademark Services

Trademarks are acquired either through continued use or through strong registrations in appropriate class(es). A good trademark strategy requires continuous enforcement of the trademark rights lest its diluted; hence, our watch services, integrated with our filing and prosecution services, serve clients well in sustaining their branding for long term. Our trademark services are wide-ranging. We provide full spectrum of trademarks related services to our clients of all size.

Design Services

Design registrations protects the shape or aesthetics of your articles. Our design registration services are wide-ranging – from coming up with illustrations to filing cancellations to litigating design matters in a court of law – we have got you covered for the entire journey

Other IP Rights Services

We work across full spectrum of IP rights including Copyright, IC Layouts, Geographical Indications, Utility Models, Plant Variety Rights and more. Essentially, we register, and enforce copyrights for Academia, Singers, Song writers, Dancers, Performers, Artists, Designers, Architects, Musicians, Film producers and more. Be it assessing availability of a mark in required categories, or deciding between filing a device mark or word mark or position marks or other innovations in branding, we work closely with our clients to ensure that their brand gets the protection it needs and deserves. 


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