Top Strategy Consultant Approach to Problem Solving 

Effective Presentation Strategy with Minto Pyramid Principle 

Best Practices to Developing an Effective Strategic Plan 

A  Complete Guide to Developing An Effective Business Plan 

Solving Complex problem with MECE Structures

Cybersecurity Risks and Countermeasures in Nigeria

A Strategic Approach to Cybersecurity Risk Management

Strategic Insights on Cybersecurity Risks with Emerging Technologies   

Startups in Nigeria: The Key Building Blocks for Success

Competitive Strategy: A Critical Perspective of Indomie in Nigeria

Startups Funding in Nigeria: Venture Capitalist Approach to Assessing a Business

Using Porter’s Five Forces Model for Competitive Analysis

Corporate Strategy Formulation with BCG Matrix

Creating an Uncontested Market with the Strategy Canvas

How to Use the Business Model Canvas for Strategic Analysis

Developing Insightful Understanding of Customers with Buyer Persona Canvas

Strategic Analysis with Competitive Profile Matrix (CPM)

Analyzing Digital Transformation Canvas for Competitiveness

Using the Empathy Map Canvas to Analyze and Develop Customer Insights

Strategic Analysis with Financial Competitive Profile Matrix (FCPM)

Strategic Analysis with GE-McKinsey Matrix

Analyzing the Internal/External Competitive Profile Matrix for Competitiveness

Using the Internal-External (IE) Matrix for Strategic Analysis

Using the Internal Factor Evaluation-External Factor Evaluation (IFE-EFE) matrix for Strategic Analysis

Validating Your Business Model with Innovator’s Canvas

Analyze and Validate Your Business Model with Lean Canvas

Validating Your Startup Idea with Minimum Viable Product (MVP) Experiment Canvas

NGO Startup Analysis with Nonprofit Business Model Canvas

Preparing to Secure Your Startup Funding with Pitch Canvas

Use the Quantitative Strategic Planning Matrix (QSPM) to set the Right Strategy

Determine your Right Strategy with Strategic Position and Action Evaluation (SPACE) Matrix.

How to Use the Advanced SWOT Analysis to Determine Competitiveness

Strategic Analysis with Threats, Opportunities, Weaknesses, and Strengths (TOWS) Matrix

Creating a Competitive Advantage with Value Chain Analysis

Product-Market Fit Creation with Value Proposition Canvas

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