Startup Consulting Services

Vast Thinking Consults Ltd work collaboratively with startup companies by offering expertise and guidance in all aspects of building and running successful business—from launching a new business to strategy formulation and business model development; from crafting value propositions to commercializing breakthrough ideas; and from scaling up the enterprise to new market/product development. Specifically, we help startup in the following areas:

  • Starting a Company: We work with startups end-to-end to start, run, and grow successful enterprises by helping them at all stages in their entrepreneurial journey
  • Designing: We assist startups in business models design, product innovation, channel innovation, service innovation, process innovation, package innovation, and conducting customer value analysis
  • Market Research: We provide research that enables our clients to get important information about their customers, their markets or industry they operate in, and the competitive environment
  • Startup Ecosystems: Helping in the formation and development of entrepreneurial ecosystem such as startup incubation, acceleration, and innovation hubs, with the goal of fostering the establishment and growth of startups
  • Business Plan Development: To create an effective business plan, we help the clients to conduct research, analyze, and synchronize all the business functional data to create result-oriented business plan
  • Collaboration and Partnerships: Work with entrepreneurs in structuring and managing relationships with startup funders such as angel investors, venture capitalists, private equity, as well as other technical professional service providers
  • Coaching and Mentoring: This involves tips on how to improve management effectiveness, organizational structure design, hiring process, and change management. We also help our clients to stay current by providing them information about changes in technology, marketing techniques, and other trends that may affect their industry
  • Business Process Management: This comprises services in project management, financial modeling and forecasting, business modeling, market forecasting, and operational management
  • Risk Management: We help the client to manage the risks and uncertainties associated startups to prevent untimely failure

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